Trevon is making payments on a car that costs $26,555. He makes 36 equal payments.If he rounds the equal payments up to the nearest whole dollar, about how much will he overpay after 36 months?

Accepted Solution

Trevon will overpay around $13Further explanation:One time payment will be calculated by dividing the total amount by 36 and then the answer will be rounded off to nearest dollarSo,Given[tex]Cost\ of\ car=\ 26555\\Number\ of\ payments=36\\Amount\ of\ one\ payment = \frac{26555}{36}\\=737.64[/tex]One time payment is 737.64. Rounding off to nearest dollar gives us 738.If 738 is paid 36 times,[tex]Total\ amount\ paid=36*738=26568[/tex]The amount that will be overpaid is:[tex]=26568-26555=13[/tex]Trevon will overpay around $13Keywords: Installments, ProfitLearn more about installments at:brainly.com/question/10879401brainly.com/question/10940255#LearnwithBrainly